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In the Footsteps of our Families

Welcome to Wandering Scribes.


There are two of us (at least for now): Robin Lustig, formerly of the BBC, and Stu Seidel, formerly of NPR. We're roughly the same age (don't ask), both bearded and balding — and for the first time in our professional lives, we now have the opportunity to decide which stories we want to report and how we want to report them. Robin is already an established blogger (click here for Lustig's Letter) and Stu launched his blog Inveterate Traveler earlier this year on a visit to New Zealand. 


To launch Wandering Scribes, we are embarking on a joint reporting venture. In the Footsteps of Our Families will follow the journeys taken by our parents, grandparents and great grandparents from Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Germany to Britain and the United States in the latter part of the 19th Century and the first half of the 20th Century. We’ll be blogging along the way, taking photographs and recording sounds and voices.


Please join us. It should be interesting, and if it works out, there'll be more journeys to come. You can write to us via the Contact page -- we'd love to have your feedback.


Note for copy editors: Robin spells the British way (programme, colour, centre, etc.); Stu spells the US way (program, color, center, etc.). To each, his own. If we quote someone else, we'll spell it the way they would wish -- so the former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli is a

traveller,” not a “traveler.” 





Illustration by Debra Blake at 

© 2014 by wanderingscribes. 

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