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The Lustigs/Philippsons


My paternal grandmother (child, standing), with her parents to her left, her sister, seated on floor, uncles and cousin. Magdeburg, 1888

My father, aged 10, in sailor suit, with his parents, grandmother, sister and aunt. Berlin, 1929.

My father playing the cello, left, with his father, Berlin, 1939, and, right, 74 years later, London, 2013.

My father with his parents, before leaving Germany, 1939

The Cohns/Kleemanns

My maternal grandfather, Georg Cohn (1888-1938), travelling salesman. Died of a heart attack aged 50.

My maternal grandmother, Ilse Cohn, nee Kleemann (1897-1941). Deported and shot by Nazis in Kaunas, Lithuania

My mother (1921-2013), born Breslau, Germany, now Wroclaw, Poland

My mother, proud of her sergeant's stripes, British army intelligence corps, 1943

My parents, left, on their wedding day, June 1945, and, right, on my father's 91st birthday, March 2010

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